Hacked off with Hugh Grant? Well Jon Stewart is!

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant speaking a at Hacked Off Event
Credit: The Liberal Democrat Party

So Jon Stewart, many in the media thank you for daring to say to Hugh Grant what a lot of the UK media has wanted to say for sometime – that he is “a big pain in the ass”! But Hugh Grant has been waging his own war against the media – so he’s had some delicate handling by the hacks.
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Susan Rice: How to make enemies and fail to influence people

Susan RicePhoto by US Dept. of State

Susan Rice
Photo by US Dept. of State

A few months ago, Susan Rice, current US ambassador to the UN, seemed to have a clear shot at replacing Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State. But last week, she withdrew her nomination for the job last week after it became painfully obvious that she would struggle to get approved by Congress. Continue reading

When is a joke no longer a joke? When Kate Middleton and human tragedy is involved

Kate M MoD

The Duchess of Cambridge
Credit the MoD

We all know the story, but now it has happened we can stand back and look at the PR lessons. First, the story: on December 5th, two happy go lucky DJs Mel Greig and Michael Christian at the hitherto unknown Sydney-based radio station 2Day FM, had their scoop of a lifetime – they managed to dupe an unsuspecting nurse in a hospital to put them through the ward where the Duchess of Cambridge was undergoing treatment for severe morning sickness in the early stages of her pregnancy. She is the future Queen Consort of England – unless there’s a Republican coup – and her progeny will be the future King or Queen of England depending on sex. Continue reading

A coup for Twitter as the Pope tweets – and not in Latin


Dalai Lama still on top – on twitter at least

This week, Tweeters welcomed Pope Benedict XVI into The Twittersphere.

In front of a crowd in the Vatican Audience Hall, the head of the Roman Catholic Church used an iPad 4 to send his first tweet: “Dear friends, I am pleased to get in touch with you through Twitter. Thank you for your generous response. I bless all of you from my heart.”

The Pope will be tweeting in 8 languages but will not be following anyone other than himself or re-tweeting. Continue reading

Free Press Standards – could the UK be the first country in the free world to legislate to regulate? Or was a full scale inquiry into the UK press a waste of time?

photo: Devices: MaxxStudio/Shutterstock http://shutr.bz/11hssx3 // Newspapers: Bobbie Johnson CC http://bit.ly/11hsBAE

Photo: Devices: MaxxStudio/Shutterstock http://shutr.bz/11hssx3

A report by Lord Justice Leveson recommended how to keep the practices of the UK press in check for the future – only he forgot the part about the future

This week, the UK Prime Minister, editors of national newspapers and campaigners alike have been pouring energies into answering a call outlined in a new report for a radical reform of UK media regulation. Continue reading

Google, Amazon and Starbucks in the tax limelight

Photo by James Callan

Photo by James Callan

Starbucks buckles to media pressure – but doesn’t get its PR quite right

Last month, three of the biggest success stories in international business – senior executives from Google, Amazon and Starbucks – were dragged before the UK’s Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (more-or-less the equivalent of the House Budget Committee). All three companies had been accused of using Byzantine mechanisms to avoid paying corporation tax in Britain. Though legal this has become increasingly difficult to manage from a PR perspective. Continue reading