Hacked off with Hugh Grant? Well Jon Stewart is!

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant speaking a at Hacked Off Event
Credit: The Liberal Democrat Party

So Jon Stewart, many in the media thank you for daring to say to Hugh Grant what a lot of the UK media has wanted to say for sometime – that he is “a big pain in the ass”! But Hugh Grant has been waging his own war against the media – so he’s had some delicate handling by the hacks.
You see Hugh Grant was so ‘hacked off’ with the media intruding into his personal life that he was the key driving force behind the formation of a lobby group called, yes, Hacked Off. The lobby group was set up at the time of the big UK phone hacking scandal where journalists resigned, a newspaper closed, and a public inquiry was called under Lord Leveson amidst claims of journalist intrusion into the personal life of public figures. Agreed, the hacks’ tactics – from door stepping to phone hacking – hunting the background to stories such as the murdered Milly Dowler, or the London terrorist bombing, were intrusive, but less convincing is the great raft of celebs who gave evidence to Lord Leveson.

From Sienna Miller, whose recent interviews gave intimate details abut her pregnancy or the fact that her godmother gave her naughty knickers for Christmas, to the popular author JK Rowling, who was more than happy to reveal intimate details about her teenage mental health struggles when she released The Casual Vacancy, her first adult book earlier this year. Rowling micromanaged every single aspect of the release, so she must have been less than pleased when it was panned by the NYT saying that it made Harry Potter look believable – thanks to a free press!

You see we need an independent media. Whatever your views are about the rights and wrongs of doorstepping, rifling bins or phone hacking, should a celeb be able to bare his or her breast,only in relation to carefully selected details that may or may not be true, just at the time of a new film or book?

Jon Stewart – thanks for showing us how two faced the two faces of hacked off really are!


2 thoughts on “Hacked off with Hugh Grant? Well Jon Stewart is!

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  2. A bit old I know but just linked to this – get one thing right on Hugh Grant – he has never objected to any coverage of himself – has publicly admitted a fair cop over the hooker in LA – but his girlfriend who had the baby – it is the grotesque intrusion into her life that he rages about.

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