Apple – an identity crisis

Apple is losing its cool amongst the millennials, according to a research firm that specialises in figuring out what youth want.

“Teens are telling us Apple is done,” the research agency’s founder Tina Wells told Forbes.

Four months ago, rival Samsung launched an anti-Apple campaign that seems to be making waves.

The ad deconstructs brand apple, making a mockery of avid Apple ambassadors and their devout love for products that now sit alongside equally innovative – often better priced – competitors, as they queue in the street for the new iPhone. One young person is waiting in line … to save a spot for his parents!

Samsung’s campaign speaks an unspeakable truth – that the Apple of the 1984 ad – the anti-establishment outsider creating for free thinkers – is long gone, having evolved into the corporate drone it once rebelled against.

Look around. Who’s on their iPhone? The grey faced commuter. And even he might not be on it for much longer if the Blackberry 10 – which has been designed with the bring your own device trend in mind – takes off.

Samsung’s brand-bashing campaign seems to be paying off – they are, after all, pulling ahead of Apple in the smartphone race, selling 61 million devices in the 4th quarter 2012 compared to the 46 million iPhones that Apple reported shipping over the same period.

Apple captured our imagination, inspired cult devotion, and revolutionised our digital lives. But, of mankind we may say in general they are fickle. Brand fidelity lasts as long it takes for the next best thing to come along. Apple – watch out.


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