It’s the one that communicates best that wins


Using social media to kick-start a B2B start-up


According to Judith Ingleton-Beer, CEO of IBA International, a leading international public relations organisation, B2B social media strategies are very different from those for the consumer – the numbers are smaller and the nature of the buyers means the patterns of information aren’t the same. In this piece she looks at how a start-up can get real marketing value out of social media.

You’re a small start up. You’ve got a professional idea that you want to develop and turn into a fortune. You’ve got some venture capital and you want to get your business from where it is now to ‘x’ million turnover in the next 3 years. You’ve a small team, currently 5 people-going on 10. You have a marketing person who also does administration and looks after your creative. All of you are stretched.
You know that no-one ever had a good idea and launched a start-up without competition – and you know it’s not necessarily the best product that wins. It’s usually the company that builds the best reputation fastest. So, you know you need to get your company known. And, at a time when there are other competitive start-ups with the same idea, you need to establish your company as a leader in its field.

Your business will be built from a bubble of potential buyers of your goods or services. This might be 50 or it might be 5 thousand. And a social media campaign is a particularly effective way of binding that bubble together.

Social media allows you to build brand trust and awareness through regular communication to your audiences. It needs to convey:

  • Your professionalism
  • Your leadership
  • Your understanding of your potential client’s issues
  • Your growing client base
  • And portray you as even larger than you have already grown?

You’ve done some tweeting, which you occasionally use for business but when one of the team does make it into the social sphere it’s a question of frenzied tweeting, liking and posting without full consideration of content.

But a B2B social media campaign can (and needs!) to be more than this. For it to work, the campaign needs the same sense of professionalism that you bring to every other aspect of your business. One way of achieving this is bringing on board a good social media service with the ability to help you present your business to the your community as a thought-leader in your field.

IBA International has just set up a new specialised B2B social media service iBAengage. Based on IBA’s experience setting up social media campaigns for its world-leading corporate clients, it has been launched to bring the same professionalism for smaller organisations who do not have the experience or the time to do social media properly.

iBAengage provides a team of experienced editorial and social media executives to research its client’s market and competition and explore the key developments in their industry. The objective is to build a social media campaign that:

  • Identifies and gathers key audiences using Twitter, Linked-in, Facebook, YouTube etc
  • Produces and posts regular, at least daily tweet and Facebook posts
  • That comment both on your company and on the key issues in your market
  • Authored by key executives in a busy team (despite the fact they don’t have enough hours in their day)

The objective is to reflect the professionalism and build trust in the business so that everyone in its prospect bubble will think of it when they come to make their next purchase.

This post was written by IBA International – the parent company of iBAengage, a global social media service dedicated to B2B for smaller businesses and start-ups – kick start your social media campaign today.


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