Targeting a niche market today – social is the way forward

nicheEvery business has its own niche markets, but how many dominate their niche online? Being dominant online is now at the top of the priority list for most businesses aiming to drive new leads and sales, however, few are managing to achieve it. Social media provides a perfect way to engage with your niche.

Social networking has opened up a new way for B2B businesses to reach their niche markets – smaller groups of clientèle who are particularly interested in a particular service or product, in a way that traditional methods such as TV, radio and print have not been able to accomplish in the past.

So how does social media affect niche markets?
Sharing relevant content and information via social media is the ideal means by which to interact and develop relationships with a niche market made up of individuals and businesses who are interested in what you as a business are selling and offering.

Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging are ideal for networking with others in your niche and building up contacts with influential industry figures. Prospects and clients can be found on social networking sites, making it much easier to communicate with them directly.

The search function capability on social networking sites allows those operating within niche markets to focus and follow conversations relevant to them.

Engagement is the key – be seen and heard
Keeping up to date with market trends and topics is important. But, the real power of social media lies with the ability to interact, comment and respond directly to developments and conversations with prospects and customers that are defined by their interest in your specific niche market. This gives your business a voice and the opportunity to be seen as well as heard by your prospects.

If social networking channels are managed correctly, a business can establish itself as an authority and thought leader in their market, driving more traffic to their homepage and making their online presence known.

In order to do this, the campaign needs the same professionalism that businesses bring to every other aspect of their business. It needs to be done regularly – a tweet a day is a must – to build the company brand and thought leadership position. One way of achieving this is bringing on board a good social media service with the ability to present your business to your community in a professional manner and drive quality leads.

This post was written by IBA International – the parent company of iBAengage, a global social media service dedicated to B2B for small businesses and start-ups – kick start your social media campaign today.

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